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Machine Dismantling Service at a Glance:

Crane Dismantling and Moving

Factory & Process Machine Dismantling & Decommisioning

To complement our machine movers service, Taylor Engineering's Factory and Machine Dismantling service goes beyond simply removing obsolete or decomissioned equipment. A strictly controlled process is applied whether we are removing a single piece of machinery or an entire industrial unit. This mean that during plant upgrades or re-development your downtime is reduced to a minimum, a safe working environment is maintained throughout, and in the case of plant closure or factory relocation, existing premises are left safe, presentable, and re-saleable with all assets recovered.

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Dismantling & Decomission Services

  • Dismantling and Decommisioning planning
  • Isolation, diconnection and safe removal of power supply
  • Dismantling of process and precision machinery and plant
  • Preparation of machinery/plant for local/international shipment
  • Asset recovery and appraisal
  • Plant decomissioning and disposal
  • Plant and Machinery Recyling
  • Environmental remediation and maintenence
  • Demolition of internal partitions
  • making good of machine space areas (pits, platforms etc)

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